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DAEWOO Mini Handheld Steam Iron

DAEWOO Mini Handheld Steam Iron

Embrace the power of efficiency and style with the DAEWOO Mini Handheld Steam Iron. This innovative portable steam iron is a game-changer in home electric steam ironing. With its 1000W power, CE certification, and reliable brand name from Mainland China, this machine guarantees impeccable results for your clothes. The HI-029 model features a foldable design and a water tank capacity of 90mL, providing ample steam to tackle even the toughest wrinkles. Offering two steam gears and independent dry ironing options, it offers unparalleled versatility. Experience quick results as this cutting-edge gadget heats up in just 45 seconds. Elevate your ironing experience with DAEWOO's commitment to excellence.

Indulge in the unrivaled convenience and efficiency of the DAEWOO Mini Handheld Steam Iron. With its innovative folding steam iron design and exceptional portability, this remarkable device sets itself apart from the rest. Whether at home or on your travels, this mini handheld marvel is ready to tackle even the most stubborn wrinkles with ease. Equipped with a robust 1000W machine, this home electric steam iron delivers powerful heat for unparalleled performance. Its versatile two-in-one functionality allows you to effortlessly transition between steam and independent dry ironing modes, ensuring optimal results for every fabric type imaginable. Thanks to its lightning-fast preheating time of a mere 45 seconds, you can bid farewell to waiting around as you eagerly prepare yourself for wrinkle-free perfection. Featuring an ample water tank capacity of 90mL, constant refills become a distant memory as you glide through your wardrobe items seamlessly without any interruptions. Rest assured knowing that our product proudly bears the CE certification mark - a testament to mainland China's prestigious brand name: DAEWOO. Experience unmatched quality and reliability as you make peace with wrinkled garments once and for all.

  • The DAEWOO Mini Handheld Steam Iron, with its foldable design, offers convenient portability for on-the-go garment steaming.
  • Experience professional-quality steam ironing at home with the powerful 1000W motor of the DAEWOO Mini Handheld Steam Iron.
  • With a water tank capacity of 90mL, the DAEWOO Mini Handheld Steam Iron provides ample steam for efficient and effective ironing sessions

DAEWOO Portable Steam Iron Mini Handheld Foldable Garment Steamer Machine 1000W Home Electric Steam Ironing Iron for Clothes

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Brand Name: DAEWOO

Name:DAEWOO Folding steam ironModel: HI-029

Water tank capacity :90mL

Power: 1000 w

Steam gear: two steam/independent dry ironing

preheating time: 45s

Battery life :5-7 minutes

Color: purple/green/white/yellow

Size :179*78*102mm

Net weight: 1.0kg