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Cutting Board With Drawer

Cutting Board With Drawer

Effortlessly chop, slice and store with our cutting board drawer - the ultimate kitchen companion.

As I was preparing dinner for my family, I realized that my cutting board simply wasn't doing the job. Fruits and vegetables were slipping off the sides and onto the floor, leaving me with a mess to clean up. That's when I stumbled upon this Kitchen Cutting Board with a slide-out drawer at an e-commerce website. Not only did it have ample space for all of my chopping needs, but also provided me with an added storage container to keep fruits fresh while waiting to be cut or have their peels removed. The Fruit Cutlery Tray made it easy for me to separate different types of produce so that they didn't get mixed together while cooking. After realizing how much easier it had become thanks to this Chopping Board With Drawer, dinnertime became less chaotic and more enjoyable than ever before!

  • Keep your kitchen organized with the cutting board with drawer, featuring a slideout container for easy storage of knives and other utensils
  • The multifunctional design of this chopping board allows you to cut fruits and vegetables while also providing a convenient tray for storing cutlery or other small items
  • Reduce clutter on your countertops by using this versatile kitchen accessory that combines a durable cutting surface with an integrated storage drawer

Kitchen Cutting Board Fruit Cutlery Tray Chopping Board with Storage Container Slide Out Drawer Cutting Board

Color: Gray

Material:, ABS.

Size: About 32.50 × 24.50 × 4.80 cm / 12.77 × 9.63 × 1.89 Inch.

Package includes:

1 pcs × Cutting Board With Drawer

Using material of and fine craftsmanship, strong and durable for serving life.

Classic gift for housewarming or any other family holidays and special occasions.

Drawer type is convenient to put when you cut the, time-saving.

For chopping meat, fruits, veggies, bread, pastries, and other you like.

Well polished with smooth surface, it will not hurt your hands.

Type: Chopping Blocks

 Shape: Square

Packaging: Single Piece Package

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Wood

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Certification: CIQ


This is a drawer type cutting board, using material, safe to use. A good helper for chopping your, such as meat, bread, fruit, vegetable, and more. A nice helper for your kitchen life. You can also give it to your family and friends who like cooking.

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