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Cutlery Storage Rack

Cutlery Storage Rack

Cutlery Storage Rack

Effortlessly organize and elevate your kitchen with our multifunctional cutlery drainer rack - the epitome of modern style and luxury.

Introducing our multifunctional Cutlery Storage Rack, the ultimate luxury in countertop storage. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sleek and modern kitchen cutlery organizer is designed to effortlessly elevate your tableware game. Made from high-quality materials sourced from mainland China, including durable iron and PET material for that added eco-friendly touch. The electroplated surface ensures rust resistance while the removable tray with drain holes guarantees efficient water drainage and prevents dust accumulation.

With dimensions of length, width, and height specified as per 21069014 regulations, this cutlery drainer rack offers ample space for spoons, forks, chopsticks - all neatly organized in separate storage trays. Its bottom design takes functionality a step further by ensuring easy cleaning access while maintaining optimum durability for years to come.

Revolutionize your kitchen setup today with our premium Cutlery Storage Rack - where style meets functionality seamlessly!

Key Features:

  • Efficiently organize and store your kitchen cutlery, saving valuable countertop space
  • The modern style and luxury design add an elegant touch to your kitchen decor
  • Removable tray and clever bottom design with drain holes ensure easy water drainage and prevent dust accumulation
  • Durable and eco-friendly construction with high-quality iron and PET materials
  • Electroplated surface for rust resistance
  • Ample space for spoons, forks, chopsticks in separate storage trays
  • Easy cleaning access for hassle-free maintenance


  • Type: Storage Trays
  • Style: Modern Style
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Model Number: 21069014
  • Material: Other
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly

Product Details:

  • Even drain holes on the bottom design, this chopstick cage can drain water quickly and is not easy to accumulate dust.
  • Designed with removable tray and electroplated surface, the chopstick holder is easy to use and is not easy to rust.
  • PET and iron material