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Cup Rice Container

Cup Rice Container

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Introducing our innovative Cup Rice Container - the spacious and moisture-proof storage solution for your rice, cereal, flour, beans, snacks, and even pet food. With its self-sustaining design and double sealing technology, this transparent container keeps your food fresh while offering convenience with its funnel-type bottle mouth and handle design. Available in different sizes (S & L) to cater to all your storage needs. Ideal for mainland China households seeking a reliable and efficient way to store their essential grains. Invest in quality with our PP or PS containers today!

Introducing our Cup Rice Container, the ultimate solution for all your rice and cereal storage needs. This spacious and self-sustaining container is specifically designed to store rice in homes, ensuring its longevity and quality. Crafted with moisture-proof materials sourced from mainland China, this container is made of high-quality PP (polypropylene) material available in two sizes; S and L. With its transparent body and large diameter, easily monitor the quantity of stored grains at a glance. The sealed design using PS (polystyrene) and silicone ensures that your food stays fresh for longer periods. The double sealing design combined with the funnel-type bottle mouth allows for easy pouring without any spillage or mess during concentrate grain dumping. The ingenious self-contained cup design makes it hassle-free to access the stored rice while keeping it protected from external contaminants. Additionally, the handle design adds convenience to transport or lift even when filled to its maximum capacity. Available in different sizes, this versatile container is ideal not only for storing flour and beans but also snacks or even pet food storage. Upgrade your kitchen organization experience with our efficient Cup Rice Container!

  • Efficiently store rice, cereal, and other dry goods with our spacious and moisture-proof cup rice container
  • Keep your food fresh for longer periods with our self-sustaining storage container made of high-quality materials from mainland China
  • Choose from different sizes (S, L) of transparent containers with a large diameter and double sealing design to ensure maximum freshness
  • Our convenient handle design and funnel type bottle mouth make it ideal for storing flour, beans, snacks, or even pet food in an organized manner

Store rice, cereal, and more in this spacious, self-sustaining container! Maximize your home's storage with this moisture-proof box that helps keep your food fresh.

Origin: Mainland China

Material: PP

Size: S, L (Optional) Capacity: S: 2000ml, L: 2800ml Features: Transparent, Large Diameter, Sealed

Material:PS, PP, Silicone


Designed with transparent body, this storage container enables the food in the box to be seen.

Storage container has a good moisture-proof effect to keep food as it uses double sealing design. Adopting funnel type bottle mouth and large diameter design, it can concentrate grain dumping.

It is made of PS, PP and silicone material with self-contained cup design. With handle design, it is convenient for you to carry.

There are 2 different sizes of the product for you to choose.

It is ideal for food storage like flour, rice, beans, snack, cereal, pet food storage etc.

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