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Cup Drying Rack

Cup Drying Rack

Introducing the ultimate cup drying solution - a dustproof, detachable glass cup drainer with ample storage space for all your kitchen supplies. Keep your cups and bottles organized, clean, and dry with this durable and easy-to-assemble dish drying rack. Say goodbye to wet tables and messy kitchens!

Introducing the Cup Drying Rack, a must-have kitchen accessory for those who value cleanliness and organization. This dustproof glass cup drainer is designed to keep your cups and bottles dry and free from water stains on your table or countertop. Made of durable plastic sourced from Mainland China, this detachable dish drying rack comes with a convenient storage tray that provides ample space for placing multiple cups or bottles. With its easy-to-assemble design, this mug holder allows you to effortlessly organize your kitchen shelves according to your preferences - whether you have small or large cups. Say goodbye to wet surfaces and hello to an organized, clean kitchen with the Cup Drying Rack!

  • Keep your cups and bottles organized and clean with our Cup Drying Rack's ample space design
  • The detachable glass cup drainer allows for easy cleaning and storage of your kitchen supplies
  • Our durable plastic Cup Drying Rack is suitable for placing wet cups on the table or kitchen shelves
  • With its lightweight, easy-to-assemble design, our Cup Drying Rack caters to all preferences
  • Small or large kitchens in Mainland China

Cup Drying Rack Dustproof Glass Cup Drainer Detachable Bottle Holder Dish Drying Rack Storage Tray Kitchen Supplies

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic


Suitable for placing cups and bottles in the kitchen.

This cup holder catches the water in the cup to prevent the table from getting wet.

It is made of plastic and is durable.

This mug holder is designed to be detachable and free to install, allowing you to organize the shelves according to your preferences.

Material: plastic

Small: 31*17.5*15.5cm

Large: 38.5*22.5*15.5cm


This Cup Drying Rack is the perfect kitchen accessory for keeping your cups and mugs organized and clean. Durable and lightweight, and with an easy-to-assemble design, it provides ample space for up to 6 large cups or mugs and has slots for 6 smaller cups and cutlery. Enjoy quick, mess-free storage for all your kitchen utensils.

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