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Cup Cleaning Brush

Cup Cleaning Brush

Introducing our innovative Cup Cleaning Brush - the ultimate tool for effortlessly cleaning cup lids, bottle gaps, and more. With its U-shaped design and rotatable silicone brush head, this multi-function brush is a must-have for every household. Made with high-quality silicone and nylon materials, it guarantees effective cleaning without any hassle. Available in grey, green, and blue colors to suit your preferences. Say goodbye to dirty cups with our Cup Cleaning Brush!

Introducing our innovative Cup Cleaning Brush, a must-have household cleaning tool for maintaining impeccable cleanliness in your kitchen. Designed with precision and functionality in mind, this U-shaped Cup Brush effortlessly reaches every nook and cranny of cup lids and bottle gaps, ensuring thorough cleanliness like never before. Crafted from high-quality silicone and nylon materials, its grooved rotatable brush head tackles even the toughest stains with ease. With dimensions measuring 3.4 × 1.6 × 11.4 cm (1.34 × 0.63 × 4.49 inches), this multi-functional brush is compact yet effective, providing you with an essential cleaning solution that will leave your cups spotless every time it's used! Each package includes one durable Cup Cleaning Brush available in three distinct colors - grey, green, or blue - guaranteeing a pleasant visual aesthetic while taking care of all your household cleaning needs

  • Efficiently clean hard-to-reach cup lids and bottle gaps with our U-shaped Cup Lid Cleaning Brush
  • The Groove Rotatable Silicone Cup Mouth Brush is a versatile household cleaning tool that tackles stubborn stains effortlessly
  • Our Multi-function Bottle Gap Cleaner Brush ensures thorough cleaning of cup mouths, making them spotless and hygienic

3 In 1 Cup Lid Cleaning Brush U-shaped Cup Brush Bottle Gap Cleaner Brush Groove Rotatable Silicone Cup Mouth Brush Multi-function. Household Cleaning Supplies. Scrub Brushes.

Product name: Bottle Cup mouth cleaning brush

Color: grey, green, blue

Size: 3.4 × 1.6 × 11.4 cm / 1.34 × 0.63 × 4.49 Inch.

Package includes:

1 pcs × Cup Cleaning Brush

Package includes:

1 pcs × Cup Cleaning Brush 

Material: silicone, nylon, stainless steel, ABS, PP, PET

Usage: Cup

 Type3: 3 in 1 Bottle Gap Cleaner Brush

Type2: U-Shaped Cup Brush

Type1: Multifunctional Cup Mouth Brush

Type: Bottle Cup Cleaning Brush

Style: Scourer

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Feature: Stocked


U type silicone cup brush: clean the stubborn stains around the cup

Twisted wire gap brush: clean the inner wall of cup cover and narrow groove

Hard hair corner brush: clean the container corners and grooves

Hanging and storage with hanging hole: hang and drain after cleaning, which does not take up space and is not easy to breed bacteria

Three in one: Three kinds of brush heads, both soft and hard, for various purposes