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A rack over the microwave is a functional kitchen accessory designed to maximize the use of space above a microwave oven. This rack typically provides additional storage or shelving for various kitchen items, making it a versatile and space-saving solution in the kitchen. Here are some key features, use cases, item highlights, benefits, and a summary of a rack over the microwave:


  • Use: Caster
  • Type: Storage Holders & Racks
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Model Number: 1/2 Layer
  • Metal Type: Stainless-Steel
  • Material: Metal
  • Installation Type: Floor Type
  • Applicable Space: Kitchen
  • Package Includes: 1 piece of Rack Over Microwave

Key Features:

  1. Shelving: The primary feature is shelving or storage space that is positioned above the microwave.

  2. Construction Materials: These racks are typically made of metal, wire, or wood, ensuring durability and stability.

  3. Installation: Many models can be easily installed by placing them on top of the microwave, while some may require mounting to the wall or cabinet.

  4. Design: They come in various designs and finishes to complement different kitchen decor styles.

Use Cases:

  1. Storage: A rack over the microwave offers extra storage space for items like cookbooks, spices, kitchen utensils, or small appliances.

  2. Organization: Use it to keep kitchen items organized and within reach, reducing clutter on countertops.

  3. Display: Some people use these racks to display decorative items or plants, adding a touch of style to their kitchen.

Item Highlights:

  1. Multiple Shelves: Many models have multiple shelves or tiers, allowing you to store a variety of items.

  2. Space Optimization: They help maximize vertical space in the kitchen, making efficient use of the area above the microwave.

  3. Easy Access: Items stored on the rack are easily accessible and visible, saving you time when cooking or preparing meals.


  1. Space Saving: Racks over the microwave help free up valuable counter space and keep your kitchen organized.

  2. Efficiency: They allow you to keep essential kitchen items close at hand, making your cooking and meal preparation more efficient.

  3. Decor Enhancement: Depending on the design, they can enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen by adding storage and display options.


A rack over the microwave is a versatile kitchen accessory that provides additional storage and organization options in your kitchen. With its shelving and storage space, it helps maximize the use of vertical space above the microwave, freeing up valuable countertop space. Whether you need extra storage for kitchen utensils, spices, cookbooks, or want to add a decorative touch to your kitchen, a rack over the microwave can be a practical and stylish addition to your culinary space. This rack is designed for use in the kitchen, comes with caster wheels for easy mobility, and is made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. It is available in both 1 and 2-layer configurations, making it suitable for various storage needs in your kitchen. The floor-type installation means it can be placed directly on the kitchen floor for convenience.

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