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Closet Organizer Hanger

Closet Organizer Hanger

Closet organizer hanger. Space Saving Non-slip Storage Hangers Magic Closet Organizer for Clothes Jackets Sweaters Pants Shirts T-shirts


Origin: Mainland China

Package includes:

1 pcs × Closet Organizer Hanger

Product Name: Space Saving Hangers

Size: about 34.5 × 18.3 cm  /  13.6 × 7.2 Inch.

Thickness: about 1cm

Material: Plastics

Weight: about 50g (single)

Color: White

Optional quantity: 1pcs


The Multifunctional Clothes Hangers have multiple slots, making it convenient for you to suspend your overcoats, pants, jeans, shirts, Tees, top tanks, and other clothes in a row in one hanger.

The Clothing Hanger is good for the space organization in the closets, wardrobes, apartments, dorms, and other limited spaces.

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