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Cling Film Dispenser

Cling Film Dispenser

Safety Plastic Packaging Dispenser with Cutter, Refillable Packaging Dispenser with Slide Cutter, Food Preservation Packaging. Food Storage. Type: Plastic Wrap Dispenser


Type: Food Storage

Type: Plastic Wrap

Origin: Mainland China




Package Contents:

1 pcs x Cling film cutter

1 pcs roll x cling film


Reminder: The maximum size of the mounting reel for the tear paper dispenser is 12 inches x 250 feet. Not suitable for packaging in large rolls. This project is used for the home kitchen. Please try to rotate the cling film roll and install it in another direction if the cling film cannot be pulled out smoothly. Please check the dimensions before purchasing.

Aluminum Foil Dispenser - Refillable plastic packaging dispenser makes packaging your food more convenient and practical! The slide provides perfect distribution and cutting, which can be smoothly cut from left to right or right to left. This little cutter cuts well and has a long life without using dangerous hacksaw blades!

SAFETY - This plastic container dispenser is equipped with a two-way slide cutter for quick, clean cuts. The concealed blade is finger-safe and the housing conforms to the curve of the hand. Safe to use.

High-quality material: The cutter machine plastic wrap dispenser is made of plastic material, stainless steel two-way cutter head, which will not slip when cutting. It is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, and can be reused. Long-term use does not deform.

Pressure-stabilizing suction cup: The bottom of the box is designed with a pressure-stabilizing suction cup, which can be firmly attached to the table, refrigerator or wall (note: this does not mean that all surfaces are suitable). When you take out the plastic wrap, the box will not slide or fall. Additionally, the lid is magnetically designed to provide a great experience when it is opened and closed.

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