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Clean and Dirty Separation Mop

Clean and Dirty Separation Mop

Experience the art of efficient and hygienic floor mopping with our Clean and Dirty Separation Mop - the ultimate hands-free, spin mop for wet and dry cleaning. Made with high-quality materials like stainless steel pole, superfine fiber cloth, and a large eco-friendly microfiber fabric bucket. Perfectly designed in Zhejiang to ensure optimal dehydration rate

Once upon a time, in the bustling households of homeowners everywhere, there existed an unparalleled cleaning artifact known as the Clean and Dirty Separation Mop. This revolutionary spin mop was designed to make floor mopping a hands-free and effortless process - bringing both cleanliness and convenience into one's home. Crafted with utmost precision, this remarkable household tool consisted of a telescopic length steel pole imported from mainland China, ensuring its durability for years to come. The innovative mop rod material was constructed with stainless steel, granting it strength to withstand even the most stubborn dirt or stains. Not only did this extraordinary mop possess exceptional physical qualities but also boasted incredible functionality. Its mop cloth material made from superfine fiber guaranteed efficient wet or dry cleaning on any surface while leaving no trace behind. Committed to preserving our planet’s green spaces, this eco-friendly marvel ensured that every drop of water used would be maximized through its microfiber fabric design – reducing wastage significantly. Equipped with a spacious mop bucket sourced all the way from Zhejiang province, users were granted ample space for their cleaning needs without having to frequently worry about refilling it during use. Thanks to its superior dehydration rate, floors dried up swiftly after each swipe – eliminating any safety concerns related to slippery surfaces. Intrigued by its impressive features? Don't hesitate in embracing cleanliness like never before! With the Clean and Dirty Separation Mop by your side, tedious chores will transform into moments of efficiency - paving the way for pristine living spaces that exude charm and freshness throughout your cherished abode

  • Achieve a spotless and hygienic household with the Clean and Dirty Separation Mop's efficient wet and dry floor mopping capabilities
  • Made from high-quality materials like stainless steel pole, superfine fiber mop cloth, and microfiber fabric bucket, ensuring durability for long-term use
  • With its eco-friendly design, this artifact of cleaning tools supports sustainable practices while maintaining a high dehydration rate for effective cleaning results

Clean Dirty Separation Mop Household Hands Free Spin Mop Wet Dry Floor Mopping Artifact Mop Bucket Cleaning Tools

Color: Green

Type: Spin Mops

Telescopic length: 135cm

Product Category: spin mop

Pole Material: Steel

Origin: Mainland China

Mop rod material: Stainless steel

Mop cloth material: superfine fiber

Mop bucket size: 31cm*31cm*19cm

Material: Microfibre Fabric

Feature: Stocked

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Dehydration rate: 70%-80%

Dehydration Rate: 70% -80%

CN: Zhejiang