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Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder

Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder

Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder

Enhance your showering experience with the innovative Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder. Designed to revolutionize your shower routine, this shower holder combines functionality and aesthetics to provide a convenient and fun shower time.


  • Convenient punch-free silicone suction technology
  • Adjustable and removable head for customizable shower stand
  • Reusable wall shelf with reliable bathroom suction cup bracket
  • Securely attaches to any smooth surface
  • High-quality silicone construction in white, blue, pink, or grey color options
  • Measures 7.5*3*4 cm in size
  • Manufactured in Mainland China with top-notch precision and durability standards

Experience Hassle-free Showers:

The Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder features strong adsorption capability, allowing you to fix it everywhere. Its adhesive rack ensures a tight grip on all surfaces, preventing accidental falls during use. When needed, simply wash it under running water for easy removal and reuse.

Customizable and Removable:

With its adjustable and removable head, this shower holder provides a customizable shower stand to accommodate different heights and preferences. The high-quality silicone construction ensures strong adsorption on any surface, while remaining easily removable for water washing.

No Punching, No Suction Cup:

This innovative shower holder uses a gel-based adhesive, eliminating the need for punching or traditional suction cup racks. It can be fixed everywhere, ensuring reliable adhesion that won't easily fall off during use.

A Stylish Addition to Your Bathroom:

Designed in a range of colors including white, blue, pink, and grey, the Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder adds a touch of style to your bathroom decor. Its compact size of 7.5*3*4 cm allows for easy installation in any shower space.

Tackle bath time with this adventurous Caterpillar bath holder! Get a grip with its punch-free silicone suction, adjustable removable head, and reusable wall shelf. Make showering fun and convenient!

Product Details:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: White, Blue, Pink, Grey
  • Size: 7.5*3*4 cm
  • Package Includes: Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder
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