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Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder

Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder

Enhance your showering experience with the innovative Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder - a punch-free silicone suction solution for convenient and fun shower time

Introducing the innovative Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder, designed to revolutionize your showering experience. With its punch-free silicone suction technology and adjustable removable head, this bath holder provides a convenient solution for organizing your bathroom essentials. The reusable wall shelf securely attaches to any smooth surface using its reliable bathroom suction cup bracket, ensuring that it stays in place even during vigorous use. Crafted from high-quality silicone in white, blue, pink, or grey color options and measuring 7.5*3*4 cm in size, this shower holder showcases the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Manufactured in Mainland China with top-notch precision and durability standards are met effortlessly by combining an aluminum gel-infused structure with no-punching installation method. Experience hassle-free showers as this Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder allows you to fix it everywhere due to its strong adsorption capability. This adhesive rack ensures a tight grip on all surfaces while providing you with the freedom of positioning your shower head wherever desired. Its remarkable strength prevents accidental falls during use while allowing for easy removal when needed - simply wash it under running water! Trustworthy adhesion properties make sure that once installed, this robust bath holder remains firmly attached without compromise

  • With an adjustable and removable head, this reusable wall shelf provides a customizable shower stand to accommodate different heights and preferences
  • Made of high-quality silicone in various colors (white, blue, pink, grey), the
  • 5*3*4 cm Caterpillar Bath Shower Holder ensures strong adsorption on any surface while remaining easily removable for water washing
  • This innovative shower holder from Mainland China features a gel-based adhesive that allows it to be fixed everywhere without punching or using traditional suction cup racks – ensuring reliable adhesion that won't easily fall off during use

Tackle bath time with this adventurous Caterpillar bath holder! Get a grip with its punch-free silicone suction, adjustable removable head, and reusable wall shelf. Make showering fun and convenient!

Product Name: bathroom suction cup bracket

Purpose:For shower stand in bathroom

Material: Silicone

Color: White,Blue,Pink,Grey


Package Include:1 * Shower Holder

Size: 7.5*3*4cm

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Shower Head Holder

Material: Silicone

Material: Aluminum

Installation Type: Gel

Color: White,Blue,Pink,Grey


No punching, no suction cup shower rack

Can be fixed everywhere, strong adsorption, free shower

Removable water wash, reuse

The suction cup has strong adhesion and is not easy to fall

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