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Cartoon Soap Dish for Bathroom, Shower, Soap Dish, Shower Trays, Soap Storage Box with Drain Holder. Bathroom Accessories. Soap Dishes & Holders


Type: Soap Dishes & Holders

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic

Product Name: Rabbit Soap Box

Weight: 0.1580kg

Size: 17*9*13.5cm

Material: polyvinyl fluoride

Installation steps

1. Wipe the wall with a clean rag to ensure that the wall is dry and free of stains.

2. Find the correct position and stick it, and squeeze out the air in the sticker with your fingers.

3. Align the back of the soap dish with the buckle and snap it into the groove from top to bottom.

4. Align the soap tray holder with the front groove and snap it into use.

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