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Cartoon Double Lattice Soap Box

Cartoon Double Lattice Soap Box

Introducing the Cartoon Double Lattice Soap Box - a sleek and practical wall-mounted soap dish with double-layered storage, drain design, and stylish visual appeal. Simplify your bathroom organization with this innovative storage solution!

Introducing the Cartoon Double Lattice Soap Box, a functional and aesthetically pleasing wall-mounted soap dish that provides an exceptional storage solution for your bathroom. Crafted from high-quality PP plastic, this double-layered soap dish is available in both blue and green color options to seamlessly blend with any decor style. With its innovative drain design, it ensures quick drying of your soap, prolonging its usage life. Not only does it hold your favorite bar soaps securely in place but also accommodates sponges, cleaning brushes, and cloths for practical organization at its finest. The sleek visual appeal of this flip-top soap box elevates the overall ambiance of your space while providing you with a stylish storage solution that maximizes functionality without compromising on aesthetics. Discover the convenience of this waterproof wall-mounted soap rack designed to withstand daily use effortlessly; easily installed using self-adhesive technology imported directly from Mainland China. Experience efficient bathroom organization like never before with our premium quality wall-mounted drainage system - one must-have addition among other sought-after bathroom accessories!

  • Efficient Bathroom Organization: The double-layered soap dish provides a practical storage solution for sponges, cleaning brushes, and more
  • Sleek Visual Appeal: With its stylish design and sleek blue or green PP plastic construction, this wall-mounted soap dish adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom
  • Enhanced Hygiene: The drain design allows the soap to dry quickly, preventing bacterial growth and ensuring clean washing every time
  • Easy Installation: Made with self-adhesive backing, this waterproof wall-mounted soap rack can be effortlessly installed in your bathroom without the need for drilling or complicated installation processes

This wall-mounted double-layered soap dish is an exquisite addition to any kitchen, with its punch-free drain holder, providing a convenient and stylish storage solution for sponges. Perfect for any bathroom, it offers a neat organization for all shelves. An elegant blend of form and function, this double-layered soap dish offers a sleek visual appeal while its punch-free drain holder provides a practical way to organize and store sponges. Make a sophisticated statement in your bathroom or kitchen with this stylish storage solution.

Product: Soap Holder


11.6 * 29 * 4.5 cm

11.6 * 16.5 * 4.5 cm

Material:PP plastic

Color: Blue,green

Feature: drain design, dry soap

Suit for:washing for storing soap, sponge, cleaning brush, cleaning cloth, etc

Type 4: Laundry Soap Rack

Type 3: Flip-top Soap Box

Type 2: Wall-mounted

Type 1: Drainage

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Wall Mounted Soap Rack

Installation Type: Wall Mounted Type

Installation Type: Wall Mounted Type

Feature 4: Bathroom Accessories

Feature 3: Waterproof

Feature 2: Soap Holder

Feature 1: Self Adhesive


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