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Cartoon Bear Sculpture

Cartoon Bear Sculpture

Transform your living room into a whimsical wonderland with our innovative Cartoon Bear Sculpture, featuring a polar bear design and a functional storage tray for all your housewarming gifts.

Introducing the captivating Cartoon Bear Sculpture, a delightful piece of art that seamlessly combines functionality and charm. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sculpture features an adorable ice cream bear holding a landing large tray. It serves as both a decoration and practical accessory for your living room or sofa side. Made from high-quality FRP material, this sculpture boasts exceptional durability and longevity. The metal tray provides ample storage space for small items like keys or accessories, ensuring everything has its designated place. With dimensions measuring 45 × 30 × 80 cm and a tray size o30 cmcm, it is perfectly proportioned to fit into any space effortlessly. Embodying modern simplicity with touches of light luxury and Northern European design influences, this decorative table adds elegance to any setting it graces. Whether placed in your home office, coffee lounge, or waiting area at work - it enhances the ambiance while staying true to its cartoon animal motif. This Bluetooth audio-enabled masterpiece not only captivates visually but also offers auditory pleasure by wirelessly connecting to your preferred device's music library – making it an ideal floor decoration where entertainment is key. Handmade with precision craftsmanship ensures every intricate detail exudes sophistication. Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and utility as you embrace the uniqueness of this sculptural wonder suitable for various scenarios across different spaces within your abode. Ideal for housewarming gifts or simply as an addition to your personal collection of decorations – let the whimsical presence of our Cartoon Bear Sculpture fill your living environment with boundless joy and artistic flair

  • Enhance your living room decor with the charming Cartoon Bear Sculpture, a delightful addition to any space
  • Utilize the large metal tray of this sculpture as a practical storage solution for your sofa side essentials
  • Enjoy the modern simplicity and light luxury of this handmade sculpture that complements various coffee table settings

Ice Cream Bear Landing Large Tray Decoration Living Room Sofa Side Polar Bear Storage Decorations Housewarming Gifts Cartoon Animal Decorative Table For Living Room Large Tray Ice Cream Bear Bluetooth Audio Floor Decoration.


Product Name: Bluetooth audio ice cream bear floor decoration

Material: FRP

Tray material: Metal

Moral: Waiting at home

Detail: ice cream bear sculpture Key Storage

Style: Stored appearance

Size: 45 × 30 × 80 cm, Tray Size: 30cm

Applicable space: living room

Collocation style: Modern simplicity / light luxury / Northern Europe

Color: coffee

Process: Handmade

Applicable scenario: daily gift giving

Appearance modeling: Animal

Decoration type: floor decoration

Workmanship: hand tufted

 Style: Cartoon style

material: FRP

Is_customized: No

function: multi-function

Tray material: Metal

Tray diameter: 30cm

Theme: Animal

Style: Modern Style

Product size: 45*30*80cm

Product Name: Ice cream bear floor decoration

Origin: Mainland China

Material: resin

Matching style: Modern, Nordic style, mixed style

Is Smart Device: NO

Decoration type: Floor decoration

Color classification: Green, coffee, cream


Use: The cute and cute ice-cream bear intelligent Bluetooth audio floor decoration, large tray and backpack storage, can store watches, keys, jewelry and other valuables, as well as lipstick and glasses. Unique backpack storage, can put fake flowers, remote control, etc. Make life more interesting.

Excellent: The fashionable shape Bluetooth audio ice cream bear floor decoration is especially suitable for household scenes such as porch, study, TV cabinet and bedroom, to improve the grade of the family in an instant.

Gift: A small Christmas gift, a big action, is not only a kind of decoration, but also a kind of family affection to bless those you care about and those who care about you.

Space: Beautiful and creative decoration can instantly improve the taste and style of home decoration. No matter what kind of home style and space, it can be matched with creative decoration.

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