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Boiled Egg Opener

Boiled Egg Opener

Experience the delight of effortlessly peeling and slicing boiled eggs with our innovative Boiled Egg Opener Set. Save time in the kitchen and savor the deliciousness!

Introducing the remarkable Boiled Egg Opener Set, a handy kitchen gadget that will delight you with its effortless usefulness. Say goodbye to the tedious task of peeling and slicing boiled eggs, as this innovative cookware set does all the work for you. With a weight of just 50g and compact dimensions of 8.3*5.7*1.8 cm, it is perfectly designed to fit comfortably in your hand while making quick work of those stubborn eggshells. Crafted meticulously in Mainland China, this incredible Egg Opener is made from durable plastic that ensures long-lasting performance. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip while effortlessly cracking open boiled eggs with precision and control like never before. The set also includes an Egg Stiring tool for conveniently mixing your indulgent recipes along with being eco-friendly and stocked for immediate delivery. Save time without compromising on deliciousness by adding this must-have kitchen essential to your collection today! Don't miss out on experiencing the convenience brought by this extraordinary Boiled Egg Opener Set - truly an exceptional addition to any culinary arsenal."

  • Experience the Delight of Effortless Usefulness with our Boiled Egg Opener Set, making peeling and slicing boiled eggs a breeze
  • This handy kitchen gadget will save you time and ensure the deliciousness of your cooked eggs every time
  • Upgrade your cookware set with this lightweight 50g Egg Tools that measure
  • 8 cm, crafted in Mainland China for superior quality
  • Our durable Plastic Egg Opener is not only eco-friendly but also stocked with features like egg stirring and easy-to-use egg scissors for added convenience

Delight in the effortless usefulness of the Boiled Egg Opener Set! Quickly peel and slice boiled eggs, all with one handy kitchen gadget. Save time and enjoy deliciousness with this amazing cookware set!

Weight: 50g

Type: Egg Tools

Size: 8.3*5.7*1.8cm

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Egg Opener

Material: Plastic

Function: Egg Stiring

Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked

Eggbeater Laying Method: Hand

Egg Tools Type: Egg Scissors 

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