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Automatic Egg Roll Maker

Automatic Egg Roll Maker

Introducing the innovative daredevils of breakfast: the Automatic Egg Roll Maker. Experience convenience and precision with our Mini Electric Egg Boiler Cup, Household Multifunction Portable Electric Egg Cooker. Designed with Mainland Chinas finest aluminum tube for optimal thermal conductivity, it features a durable construction of PP and stainless steel. With multiple power options including A, B, C Power and D Power, this machine guarantees perfect egg rolls every time. Its lemon yellow color adds a touch of vibrancy to your kitchen while its non-stick coating ensures easy cleaning. With 360-degree heat wrap technology and simple operation, prepare delicious egg rolls effortlessly - all thanks to alloet!

Introducing the remarkable Automatic Egg Roll Maker, a true game-changer in the world of culinary innovations. This Mini Electric Egg Boiler Cup is specifically designed for daring individuals who crave convenience and quality in their cooking endeavors. Hailing from Mainland China, this Automatic Rising Sausage Roller Boiler Machine boasts an exceptional blend of functionality and portability. Crafted with an aluminum tube that optimizes thermal conductivity, combined with high-quality materials such as PP and stainless steel, every aspect of this product has been meticulously engineered for optimal performance. With varying power options ranging from A to D Power, you have complete control over your cooking experience. The machine's compact size ensures it effortlessly fits into any kitchen space without compromising on efficiency or capacity. Boasting a gross weight that guarantees durability without compromising portability, this egg roll maker comes equipped with essential accessories including bamboo sticks, an oil rod brush, and a cleaning brush – all thoughtfully provided by alloet. Featuring a sleek lemon yellow design coupled with a non-stick coating interior and 360-degree heat wrap technology, producing perfectly cooked egg rolls has never been easier or more enjoyable. With its simple operation mechanism utilizing automatic features every step of the way - from rolling to serving - creating delectable treats has become effortless for even the most novice home cooks out there

  • Experience the convenience of a household multifunction portable electric egg cooker, making breakfast effortless
  • With its simple operation and 360-degree heat wrap, create delectable egg rolls effortlessly every time

Mini Electric Egg Boiler Cup--the ideal choice for daredevils! Unleash your inner risk-taker with this Automatic Rising Sausage Roller Boiler Machine. Enjoy a multidimensional culinary experience with the power of Household Multifunction Portable Electric Egg Cooker, crafted in Mainland China.

Product Material: Internal aluminum tube with 360 ° thermal conductivity, PP, stainless steel

Power: A, B, C Power: 80W, D Power: 70W

Product size: (optional) A: 20x9cm/7.87x3.54in, B,C: 21x9.5cm/8.27x3.74in,D:21x9.5cm/8.27x3.74in

Gross weight: 0.35kg

Standard configuration: machine+5-10 bamboo sticks+oil rod brush+cleaning brush

Brand Name: alloet

Capacity: Single

Origin: Mainland China

Power (W): 70w

Voltage (V): 110V

Model Number: Egg Roll Machine

Certification: NONE

Function: omelette

Fun and Cute Design: This lemon yellow egg roll machine is designed in a vase shape, which is small and cute, adding a touch of fun to your kitchen. The bright color will inject vitality into your breakfast.

Non-stick Coating: With a non-stick coating on the interior, this egg roll maker ensures that your food doesn't stick and that it's easy to clean. Plus, the 360-degree heat wrap ensures that your food is evenly cooked and flavorful.

Simple Operation: This egg roll maker is incredibly easy to use. Simply plug it in and wait for two minutes to preheat. Brush the interior with oil, pour your egg mixture or sausage into the tube, and wait for about nine minutes for your egg roll to sudden extinction automatically.

Automatic Temperature Control: This egg roll maker features a PTC automatic constant temperature control system that prevents dry burning and ensures that the interior stays at a low constant temperature when there's no food inside. Also, the PP exterior is heat resistant and won't burn you.

Easy to Clean: After cooking, your egg rolls will automatically rise and won't stick to the bottom of the machine, making it easy to clean. Plus, the compact size makes it easy to store in your kitchen.

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