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Artificial Green Fence Simulation

Artificial Green Fence Simulation

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Create a vibrant and lifelike atmosphere with our retractable fence, featuring artificial green vines and a wooden frame. Enhance your gardens' beauty as you transform it into a stunning oasis. This telescopic fence doubles as both an eye-catching climbing frame for plants and an elegant ornament for shopping malls, KTV bars, restaurants, park courtyards, and more. Crafted from eco-friendly PE materials in Mainland China with simple installation in mind, this plastic-framed masterpiece offers the perfect blend of realism and vitality. Discover the versatility of our artificial leaf fence that can be rolled up or used to create stunning garden walls or fences effortlessly. Pair it with our extendable fence for added privacy or use it as plant tags to accentuate your greenspace further. Experience the charm of nature without sacrificing convenience—our Artificial Green Fence Simulation is here to elevate your outdoor space to new heights

In a world where nature and technology converge, the artificial green fence simulation stands as a testament to the marvels of innovation. This extraordinary garden decoration has the power to transform even the most ordinary spaces into captivating works of art. Crafted with care and ingenuity, this retractable fence boasts lifelike artificial green vines that exude an air of natural vitality. Made from eco-friendly PE material, its realistic foliage beckons you to touch it in disbelief – for it is almost impossible to tell apart from real plants. As you stand before this wondrous creation, you cannot help but appreciate its simplicity of installation. With ease and grace, it effortlessly adorns shopping malls or graces KTV bars with elegance, bestowing upon them an aura of enchantment. The beauty of this telescopic fence lies not only in its visual appeal but also in its functionality. Designed as faux privacy fencing for gardens and other outdoor areas, it seamlessly blends into any setting while providing much-needed seclusion. What sets it apart is its versatility – acting both as decorative plant tags for climbers and serving as support for various creeping plant varieties. Its extendable feature ensures that no space goes unadorned; whether your garden corner is small or vast like a park courtyard seeking rejuvenation - this roll wall can cater to all. Don't settle for dull exteriors any longer! Embrace the magic that our collection of artificial green fences simulations brings forth - witness how they breathe life into wooden structures while requiring none themselves. Let your imagination roam free and create truly mesmerizing outdoor spaces that will leave guests spellbound by their simple yet profound beauty

  • Transform any space into a lush oasis with our lifelike artificial green vine fence
  • Create a stylish and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor area with our versatile climbing frame
  • Add a touch of elegance to your restaurant or KTV bar with our stunning garden decoration
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature without the upkeep by opting for our realistic and eco-friendly artificial leaf fence

40*60cm Simulation Fence Artificial Green Leaf Home Garden Decoration Wooden Telescopic Fence Climbing Frame Plants Ornament

Name: 40cm retractable fence

Material: The fence is a willow, and the artificial green vine is artificially tied up. Applicable venue: shopping mall decoration, KTV bar, restaurant, park courtyard and other places.

Height (unstretched): Approx.40cm/15.75in.

Production process : manual

Packing: carton

garden wall fence: artificial leaf fence roll wall

garden fence: fences for garden

faux privacy fence: plant tags

extendable fence: artificial creeper wood

climbing plant support: garden lawn edging

Plastic Type: PE

Origin: Mainland China

Frame Material: Plastic

Frame Finishing: Other

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Packing list: 1* Retractable Fence


 — Material: The fence is a willow wood, and the artificial green vines on the top are artificially tied. It is very realistic and makes your garden full of green and full of vitality.

 — Simple installation: The wooden stakes are driven into the soil, and the wooden fences can be fixed with tie or wire. Simply arrange them to make your garden look different.

 — The stretchable fence has an unstretched height of 40cm; when the width is 1m, the height is about 37cm; when the width is 1.5m, the height is about 35cm; when the width is 2m, the height is about 30cm.

 — Applicable venue: This retractable wooden fence can be used for shopping mall decoration, KTV bars, restaurants, parks and other places for holiday activities with green vines, which is an excellent view.

Instructions for use:

1. Telescopic wooden fences, all of which are measured by hand. The free tensile variables are relatively large. The above measurements are about 2-5cm. It is normal for you to understand the size. I hope you can understand!

2. The stretchable fence has an unstretched height of 40cm; when the width is 1m, the height is about 37cm; when the width is 1.5m, the height is about 35cm; when the width is 2m, the height is about 30cm.

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