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Apple Food Store Box

Apple Food Store Box

Introducing the Apple Food Store Box: A luxurious and innovative solution for kitchen-dwellers seeking insect-proof, moisture-proof storage containers. Choose from 5 kg or 10 kg capacity in white or green

Introducing the Apple Food Store Box: a must-have for all kitchen-dwellers seeking luxury and convenience. Crafted with utmost precision, this sturdy container boasts a generous capacity of either 5KG or 10KG to house an array of household grain-storing delights. Made from premium materials including ABS+PP+PET, it guarantees robustness and resilience against any unforeseen mishaps while ensuring long-lasting performance. Its impeccable design is not only visually appealing but also insect-proof and moisture-proof, safeguarding your precious rice from unwanted pests and dampness. With its versatile functionality as both a rice box and storage container for pet food, you'll effortlessly organize your pantry in style. Choose between two classic colors - white or green - to complement any kitchen decor seamlessly. Measuring at 29.5x25x28.5 cm, this Rice Bucket offers ample space without taking up unnecessary room on your countertop

  • The Apple Food Store Box is a luxury kitchen-dweller's dream, offering ample storage capacity of 10KG or 5KG for all your household grain-storing needs
  • Made from high-quality ABS+PP+PET material and designed with insect-proof and moisture-proof features, this rice box ensures the freshness and quality of your pet food or grains
  • With its spacious size of 2
  • 5x25x2
  • 5 cm, this jar-like storage container provides convenient organization and easy access to your stored items
  • Available in elegant white or vibrant green color options, the Apple Food Store Box adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen while keeping your ingredients fresh and secure

Kitchen-dwellers will savor the luxury of this 10KG and 5KG insect and moisture-proof rice box, jar, and storage container – perfect for pet food and household grain-storing needs.

Name: Rice Bucket

Material: ABS+PP+PET

Color: White, Green

Capacity: 5kg, 10kg

Size: 29.5x25x28.5cm, 29.5x25x39.5cm

Use: Kitchen Rice,Food and All Grains Storage

 Style: europe

Origin: Mainland China

Model No.: WIN1097

Material: PP

Features: Eco-friendly,Healthy


5KG 10KG Large Capacity [Meet] Family Needs

Whole Grain Storage

Package includes:

1 * Rice Bucket


Experience a luxurious culinary experience with the Apple Food Store Box.

Its subtle but sophisticated design adds a refined and tasteful touch to any room. Its sturdy and reliable construction provides reliable food storage, making it perfect for storing, baking, or preparing your favorite dishes.

Enjoy the elegance of the Apple Food Store Box each time you savor a meal.

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