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Bra mesh laundry bag

Bra mesh laundry bag

Delicately preserve the shape of your delicates with our special polyester-construction mesh bag for bras. An exclusive garment-cleaning solution that's ideal for both everyday undies and active sports bras alike. Machine-washable and designed for brassiere hygiene. This bra mesh laundry bag makes wash day effortless. Protect your lingerie from damage while keeping colors vibrant, letting you wear your favorite pieces for years to come. Enjoy clean, fresh lingerie with ease.

Style: Modern Style

Origin: Mainland China

Material: PA+PE

CN: Fujian

C: Cleaning Underwear

Brand Name: OIMG

B: Laundry Brassiere Bag

A: Anti-deformation


 Rigid Plastic Frame to Support the Bag and maintain the Shape of the Bras. Prevent the bra from squeezing deformation and snagging.

— Quality mesh and polyester made. Not easy to deform, stable and durable, can be used for a long time.

— Features a handle for easy carrying and hanging dry. Bras can be stored when traveling to prevent extrusion deformation.

— Fine mesh wash bags protect your fine delicates and other soft clothing from damage caused by washer and dryer.

— Please don't put too many clothes. Keep it at about 2 / 3 capacity, washing more smoothly.

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