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5 Tier Trouser Hanger

5 Tier Trouser Hanger

Optimize your wardrobe with our innovative 5 Tier Trouser Hanger - a multifunctional, stainless-steel solution for efficient clothes storage and organization. Save space, keep your pants clean and tidy with this high-quality, durable hanger. Easy to carry and featuring hooks for horizontal or vertical suspension, its the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Introducing the 5 Tier Trouser Hanger, a highly functional and versatile clothing storage solution that will revolutionize your wardrobe organization. Made from high-quality stainless steel with ABS components, this portable hanger is designed to keep your pants clean and tidy while maximizing space in your closet. With dimensions measuring approximately 34x25cm, it offers ample room for multiple pairs of trousers. The sleek silver with white color combination adds a touch of sophistication to any wardrobe decor. Equipped with hooks for both horizontal and vertical suspension, this durable hanger allows you to hang your pants in various ways according to your preference. The innovative five-tier design features stainless steel tubes that can be easily pulled outward or pushed inward for efficient recycling of clothes during laundry time or as a drying rack alternative. Experience the convenience of keeping your trousers organized effortlessly with the multifunctional 5 Tier Trouser Hanger, an essential addition to every fashion-forward individual's collection. Expertly manufactured in mainland China by OOTDTY, this carefully engineered product guarantees long-lasting durability without compromising on style or functionality. Whether at home or on-the-go, this lightweight hanger is easy to carry and provides seamless storage solutions for even the most limited spaces

  • The 5 Tier Trouser Hanger offers multifunctional organization for your clothes' storage, saving valuable space in your wardrobe
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel, this durable hanger keeps your pants clean and tidy
  • Featuring five stainless steel tubes that can be pulled outward, this hanger also doubles as a recycling or drying rack for added convenience

5 Tiers Trouser Hanger Multifunction Trouser Hanger Stainless-Steel Portable Trouser Rack Clothes Storage Organization Space Saving. Wardrobe. Hangers

Type: Hangers

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Stainless steel

Material: Stainless Steel, ABS

Brand Name: OOTDTY

Material: Stainless Steel, ABS

Size: app.34x25cm/13.39x9.84in

Color: Silver with White

Quantity: 1 Pc


5 in 1 design keeps your pants clean and tidy, saving more space.

Made of high quality stainless steel, it is durable and easy to carry.

There are two hooks on the top, you can use two hooks for horizontal suspension or just use hooks for vertical suspension.

5 stainless steel tubes are used, each of which can be pulled outward for easy suspension and recycling.

It can also be used as a drying rack.

Pants Hanger only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included.