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5 Layer Stackable Food Cover

5 Layer Stackable Food Cover

Introducing the 5 Layer Stackable Food Cover: A revolutionary plastic kitchen asset for food conservation and heat retention

Introducing our innovative 5 Layer Stackable Food Cover, a must-have kitchen asset for food conservation enthusiasts. Crafted from durable plastic materials, this stackable food cover not only offers unparalleled protection against unwanted contaminants but also ensures optimal heat retention to keep your meals fresh and delicious. Designed with five interlocking layers, this versatile tool allows you to conveniently store and organize multiple dishes without the risk of cross-contamination. Upgrade your culinary experience today with our top-notch stackable food cover, an essential addition to any serious home chef's arsenal

  • The stackable design of our 5 Layer Stackable Food Cover allows for convenient storage and saves valuable kitchen space
  • Crafted from durable plastic, this food cover ensures optimal food conservation by keeping it fresh and protected from contaminants
  • A versatile kitchen asset, the 5 Layer Stackable Food Cover can be used for outdoor picnics, family gatherings or everyday meals to keep insects and dust away from your delicious creations

This stackable food cover, crafted with five layers of exceptional plastic, provides an ideal solution for food conservation. Its many functions and its remarkable capacity to retain heat make it a crucial kitchen asset, easily foldable for streamlined storage.

Name: Heat preservation vegetable cover

Material: PET+PP

Size: 50 * 25 cm

Use: storage leftovers/hot dishes

Features: with sliding door top storage

Color: ivory white/malachite green

Feature: Stackable

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic

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