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4 Slot Electric Diamond Sharpener

4 Slot Electric Diamond Sharpener

Unleash the Precision of Diamond and Steel with our 4-Slot Electric Sharpener - Ideal for Ceramic Knives and Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel!

Imagine a world where your kitchen knives could slice through anything with precision and ease. That is exactly what the 4 Slot Electric Diamond Sharpener promises to deliver. With its electric diamond steel sharpener, this tool provides an effortless way to sharpen your ceramic knives and stainless-steel blades in seconds. Not only does it offer comprehensive knife sharpening features, but it also boasts eco-friendly benefits by reducing waste from disposable knife sharpeners or having to replace dull blades altogether. This electric sharpener includes four slots for honing different types of knives; a coarse grinding slot suitable for scissors and very blunt knives, a shaped abrasive tape slot which is ideal for serrated blades, a fine-grinding slot that perfects all kinds of edges, and an ultra-fine grinding stone used specially on ceramic knives, providing extreme sharpness every time you use them. Get your hands on the 4 Slot Electric Diamond Sharpener today and experience effortless yet precise slicing like never before while making an environmentally conscious choice!

  • The Electric Diamond Steel Sharpener with 4 Slots ensures precision sharpening for your ceramic knives, stainless steel blades, and more
  • Say goodbye to disposable sharpeners and hello to the eco-friendly option of an Electric Diamond Steel Sharpener with 4 Slots
  • Achieve razor-sharp edges on all your kitchen knives without damaging them, thanks to the advanced technology of this Electric Diamond Steel Sharpener with 4 Slots
  • Keep your cutlery in top condition for longer periods of time by using the versatile and efficient Electric Diamond Steel Sharpener with 4 Slots
  • A must-have tool for any home cook or professional chef

TAIDEA Top Level TG2102 Electric Diamond Steel Sharpener with 4 Slots for Kitchen Ceramic Knife

Type: Sharpeners

Rotational Speed: 2800 rpm

Rated Current: 75mA

Product Size: 316*119*113mm

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: TG2102

Metal Type: Stainless Steel

Material: ABS, Stainless Steel, Diamond

Material: Other

Knife material: zirconia ceramic

Grit: 360# & 600# & 1000# & Polishing

Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked

Electric power: 18W

Color: Black and Red

Certification: CE / EU,CIQ

Brand Name: GRINDER

Applicable voltage: 230 VAC, 50HZ-60HZ

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