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2-Layer Egg Storage Box

2-Layer Egg Storage Box

Introducing the 2-Layer Egg Storage Box, a must-have addition to any fridge. This two-tier egg holder is designed to maximize storage and keep your eggs organized in a practical and efficient manner. With its stackable design and drawer-type bins, this clear plastic egg box is perfect for those who value space-saving solutions. The PET+PE material ensures durability and longevity.

Key Features:

  • Maximize storage and save space with our two-layer egg storage box, allowing you to store up to 32 eggs in a compact fridge-friendly design.
  • Stay organized with the practical drawer-type bins for easy access and visibility of your eggs, inspired by Mainland China and Japan Style.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a double-layer drawer design that can securely store 16 eggs per layer, preventing shaking and ensuring your eggs stay intact at all times.
  • With its innovative groove design and egg tray fixing feature, our stackable egg box provides ultimate protection against breakage during transportation or while stored in the fridge.

Use Cases:

  • Maximize storage with this two-tier egg holder for the fridge! Easily stackable, it's a practical way to organize your drawer type bins and clear plastic eggs.
  • Keep your eggs fresh and organized in the fridge, pantry, or kitchen cabinets.
  • Perfect for households of all sizes, as well as restaurants, cafes, and catering businesses.
  • Great for camping and picnic trips, ensuring your eggs stay safe and secure during transportation.

Product Details:

  • Origin: Mainland China
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