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2-Layer Egg Storage Box

2-Layer Egg Storage Box

Optimize your fridge space with our innovative 2-Layer Egg Storage Box. Maximize storage, stackable and practical, it organizes your eggs in a drawer-type bin. Made of clear plastic, this Mainland China and Japan Style holder is crafted from PET+PE materials. With dimensions of 22.5*21.5*14 cm (8.85*8.5*5.5 in), it features a double layer drawer design that can store up to 16 eggs per layer in its 32-grid egg holder structure. The tray fixing and groove design prevent shaking and safeguard your precious eggs from damage or breakage while saving valuable space in your refrigerator

Introducing the 2-Layer Egg Storage Box, a must-have addition to any fridge. This two-tier egg holder is designed to maximize storage and keep your eggs organized in a practical and efficient manner. With its stackable design and drawer type bins, this clear plastic egg box is perfect for those who value space-saving solutions. The Mainland China and Japan Style inspired PET+PE material of this storage box ensures durability and longevity. Measuring at 22.5*21.5*14 cm (8.85*8.5*5.5 in), it features a remarkable 32 Grid Egg Holder that allows you to store up to 16 eggs per layer conveniently. With its double-layer drawer design, you can enjoy free storage while preventing any shaking or movement thanks to the groove design that securely holds each egg tray in place. Say goodbye to cracked or broken eggs with this innovative solution that not only organizes but also protects your precious supply from damage caused by mishandling or accidents during transportation. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that all your eggs are safely stored with our top-notch product specially designed for convenience-seeking individuals like yourself

  • Maximize storage and save space with our two-layer egg storage box, allowing you to store up to 32 eggs in a compact fridge-friendly design
  • Stay organized with the practical drawer-type bins of this clear plastic egg holder, inspired by Mainland China and Japan Style, for easy access and visibility of your eggs
  • Enjoy the convenience of a double-layer drawer design that can securely store 16 eggs per layer, preventing shaking and ensuring your eggs stay intact at all times
  • With its innovative groove design and egg tray fixing feature, our stackable egg box provides ultimate protection against breakage during transportation or while stored in the fridge

Maximize storage with this two-tier egg holder for the fridge! Easily stackable, it's a practical way to organize your drawer type bins and clear plastic eggs.

Origin: Mainland China

Style: Japan Style

Material: PET+PE


22.5*21.5*14 cm

8.85*8.5*5.5 in


32 Grid Egg Holder:Double layer drawer design, can store 16 eggs per layer,free storage and more space saving Egg tray fixing, groove design, each egg is placed separately, prevent shaking, effectively prevent the egg from colliding and breaking.

Fridge Organizer Drawer:Keeps eggs away from dust and keeps clean and allows you easy access to all your eggs.Dust-proof and moisture-proof, easy to take.

CLEAR & VISIBLE:Clear egg tray design,for easy visibility-never run out of eggs again.Our dust-proof container with a lid is suitable for fridge, freezer, pantry, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, table, restaurant, capacity,camping and picnic.

Safety and environmental protection:Made of food grade material, can stackable storage, neat and beautiful, space saving, keep refrigerator organized and clean, convenient


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