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180 Degree Squeeze Mop

180 Degree Squeeze Mop

Experience the ease and efficiency of our 180 Degree Squeeze Mop with advanced PVA and carton flow system

Imagine a world where your floors look and feel new every day. With the 180 Degree Squeeze Mop, that dream can become a reality. Say goodbye to traditional floor cleaning methods that require strenuous effort and yield unsatisfactory outcomes. This innovative solution uses advanced technology to deliver unparalleled results. With its unique PVA sponge head, this floor cleaning mop is designed with efficiency in mind. Featuring advanced carton flow system technology, it glides seamlessly over surfaces without leaving behind any streaks or residue. And when you're done cleaning, the durable construction of the 180 Degree Squeeze Mop ensures long-lasting use for countless cleaning sessions to come - no need to constantly replace equipment or worry about effectiveness diminishing over time. Make the smart investment in your home's cleanliness today with this superior tool!

  • With its carton flow system, this floor washing mop glides smoothly across your floors without leaving scratches or scuffs behind.
  • This floor cleaning mop is a versatile tool that can be used on tile, hardwood, laminate, and more
  • Making it an essential addition to any home's cleaning arsenal

Automatic Self Wringing Mop Flat Mop Easy Mop With PVA Sponge Mop Heads Free Hand Wash Self Wringing For Bedroom Floor Cleaning.

use: floor cleaner

mop style: floor washing mop

mop kinds: floor cleaning mop

mop head material: pva

Wringing Method: Carton Flow System

Weight: <2kg

Type: Single-drive

Steam Adjustment Function: No

Shape: Rectangle

Pole Material: Steel

Packaging: With 1 Mophead

Origin: Mainland China

Mophead Quantity: 1

Mop head features: comes with cleaning fluid

Mop Rod Type: Hoisting Rod + Plastic Tray

Mop Rod Load-bearing: >10kg

Mop Long: 132CM

Mop Heads: 1,2,3,4,5pcs replace

Mop Head Material: Sponge

Model Number: F-60

Material: pva

Head Shape: rectangle

Handle Type: Telescopic

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Dehydration Rate: 90% -100%

Corrosion Resistance Grade: Grade 9.0-9.9

Component Type: Plastic Basket + Plastic Pedal

Capacity: <300ml

CN: Zhejiang

Brand Name: Eyliden

Absorption: <10 seconds


Self-wringing mop head squeezes out excess water            

Made from soft and absorbent PVA                  

Doubles up as a duster when dry 

Slender swivel head fits into small spaces

Easily rinse dirt from the seamed sponge