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12 Forks Electric Grill Barbecue

12 Forks Electric Grill Barbecue

Experience the ultimate convenience and flavor of indoor grilling with our 220V Electric BBQ Grill. With its automatic rotating feature, smokeless technology, and 12 forks for perfectly grilled kebabs, you can showcase your kebab-grilling skills and treat your family to mouthwatering meals right at home. This vertical grill is powered by mainland Chinas finest craftsmanship, featuring a non-stick Teflon material and a dismountable oil collector for easy cleaning. Elevate your grilling game with our blue branded masterpiece that guarantees deliciously smoky grilled kebabs every time.

Introducing the revolutionary 12 Forks Electric Grill Barbecue, a game-changer in the world of grilling. This high-powered electric BBQ grill operates at 220V, providing you with all the necessary power to create mouthwatering grilled kebabs from the comfort of your own home. With its automatic and smokeless features, this grill takes indoor grilling to new heights. The highlight of this incredible appliance is its rotating lamb kebab grilling function. The vertical grill design ensures even cooking and maximum flavor infusion, giving you deliciously smoky and perfectly grilled kebabs every time. Invite friends and family over to showcase your newfound kebab-grilling skills as they indulge in a savory and unforgettable meal. Crafted with non-stick Teflon material, this grill guarantees hassle-free cleaning after use. Its dismountable oil collector makes maintenance a breeze while preserving that distinct grilled flavor. Coming in an attractive shade of blue, this product adds a touch of style to any kitchen or outdoor setting. Compact yet spacious enough for all your grilling needs, it's no wonder that our brand name has become synonymous with quality across mainland China. Experience ultimate convenience combined with fantastic taste - order the 12 Forks Electric Grill Barbecue today! Don't miss out on elevating your culinary adventures without compromising on versatility or efficiency. Discover firsthand how our innovative product size revolutionizes indoor grilling experiences like never before

  • Elevate your kebab-grilling skills with the 12 Forks Electric Grill Barbecue, delivering mouthwatering meals right at home
  • Enjoy a smokeless and delicious grilling experience indoors with this automatic rotating lamb kebab grill
  • With its powerful 220V voltage and non-stick Teflon material, this vertical grill ensures flavorful and smoky grilled kebabs every time

220V Electric BBQ Grill with 12 Forks for Automatic, Smokeless, Rotating Lamb Kebab Grilling - Indoors! Experience the flavor of delicious, smoky grilled kebabs in the comfort of your own home! Dazzle your family with your kebab-grilling skills and enjoy a mouthwatering meal packed with flavor.

Voltage (V): 220V

Type: Vertical Grill

Power (W): 801-1200W

Origin: Mainland China

Non-Stick Material: Teflon

Function: Dismountable Oil Collector

Brand Name: FGHGF

Voltage: 220V

Power: 1100W

Fork: 12pcs

Color: blue

Product size: Φ 225*340mm


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