Whale Shape Soap Holder Drainage

Whale Shape Soap Holder Drainage

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About the Item:

Whale Shape Soap Holder Drainage 1 Pcs Whale Seamless Wall Mounted Soap Holder Drainage Storage Finishing Racks Seamless Strong Stickers No Hole Soap Box Bathroom Accessories

Product specifications

  • Trade name: double layer whale drain soap box
  • Material: ABS
  • Net weight: 60g
  • Product packaging: opp
  • Product features: can be wall mounted
  • or placed on the desktop, easy to take,
  • small things can also be put.
  • Features:
    • Double layer drainage design,
    • more thorough drainage,
    • extend the service life of soap.
    • The drain board can be disassembled
    • to pour out the excess soap water
    • to prevent the soap from softening.
    • Easy to take, small objects can
    • also be placed, more convenient to take.
    • It has strong bearing capacity,
    • firm sticking, waterproof and not easy to fall off.

Package includes:

  • 1Pcs * Soap Holder Drainage