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Watering Sprinkler Nozzle

Watering Sprinkler Nozzle

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2 In1 Watering Sprinkler Nozzle For Flower Waterer Bottle Watering Can Sprinkler Plant Irrigation Easy Tool Garden Plant Can Cap. Watering Globes & Spikes

Two-in-one bottle cap sprinkler

Your houseplants will be happy to be watered by their own private small bottle cap watering can. The WAVEWAY cap sprinkler can be easily connected to most available soft drink bottles.


Function: sprinkler

material: plastic

Color: as shown

Quantity: 1


A new way of environmental protection

This is a new way of environmental protection

Now you can collect all the empty water

juice bottles and reuse them. With our cap sprinkler,

you can make the bottles a practical watering device!

With this creative little item, there is no need

to buy a watering can anymore, it is like a simple kettle,

enough to take care of your houseplants!

Bottle cap design, easy to use

The bottle cap design makes the item easy to use,

just like a normal bottle cap, you can easily fix

it on the bottle without any effort.

In addition, this bottled faucet is of universal design,

and it can be used with most of the traditional soft drink

bottles in our daily lives, such as soda bottles,

juice bottles, cola bottles, etc.

Double-head working mode-spraying and pouring,

you can take good care of your indoor plants.

For larger plants, such as parlor palm, yucca, etc.

you can choose a dumping head to pour concentrated

water directly into the roots. For other small plants,

sprinklers are ideal. The small hole design can provide

a slanted spout for evenly and gently sprinkling water.

Plants will not be violently affected by water.

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