Wall clips for climbing plants and vines

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  • Eco-friendly Durable ABS Resin
  • Wall clips for climbingplants and vines.
  • Leaf-shaped supports adaptable to each other,
  • to place plant branches on walls,
  • to guide cables on walls.
  • Material: cute green leaf shape plant clips
  • are made of environmental,
  • safe, and degradable material,
  • give plant support and fix
  • while not harming plants.
  • Extraordinary Plant Clips: Offering a
  • simple solution to solve
  • the problem of climbing wall
  • plants or cables that were getting out of hand.
  • It also provides a better solution than plant clips,
  • wooden stakes, or other plant supporting tools.
  • For Many Plants and Place: They are not
  • afraid of the rain and corrosion,
  • makes your plant face sunlight. You can use
  • it for outdoor or indoor plants.
  • Suitable for small and medium-size plants,
  • such as orchids, tomato support, green dill,
  • Creeper, ivy, seedlings. Not suitable for large plants.
  • High-viscosity Adhesive: The adhesive
  • is also cut into leaf shapes.
  • Before use, glue the back to the plant clip.
  • It can be firmly glued to the wall,
  • visually these plant clips can be integrated
  • with green plants. It is invisible but beautiful.
  • Easy Installation: The installation is simple
  • and does not even require any tools.
  • Use your fingers to gently open the plant clips,
  • put the vines of the plant into the clip, buckle it,
  • and stick the plant fixture clips on the wall.

How to use:

  • Glue the adhesive to the plant clips.
  • (If you need to stick to the wall.)
  • Gently open the plant clamp with your fingers.
  • Put the plant stem or vine into the plant holder.
  • Fasten the clip and stick it to the wall.


  • Color: green
  • Shape: leaf
  • Material: eco-friendly ABS
  • and high-viscosity adhesive.
  • Function: fixed plants,
  • wire fixing cable organizer.
  • Suitable for: small-size/
  • medium-size plants or flowers.
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material: ABS
  • Set Type: YES
  • function: Garden Green Radish Fixation Clip
  • function1: Household Green Vine Seamless Buckle
  • function2: Green Dill Wall Climbing Artifact
  • function3: Vine Retainer
  • function4: Plant Climbing Wall Supports
  • function5: Seamless Invisible Green Dill Wall Retaining Clip
  • function6: Wall Vines Fixture Hook

Package Included:

  • 10 clips
  • 12 pieces of acrylic glue

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