Smart panels that make window panes opaque or transparent

Smart panels that make window panes opaque or transparent

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Smart panels that make window panes opaque or transparent. They can be installed on house windows, office windows, hotel glass, shops, automobile.

Product Description:

  • Smart switchable film is a product that is capable
  • of adjusting light transmission between transparent 
  • and opaque using AC power.
  • Due to moisture sensitivity, earlier versions of
  • the film were used only to make smart glass 
  • by lamination on glass. With continual improvement
  • in moisture resistance,
  • the new (3rd) generation of the film
  • can be directly installed
  • on existing windows with special glue or self-adhesive.
  • It combines many functions, such as light adjustment,
  • UV and infrared blocking, advertising and security.

Product Function:

Privacy Protection :

  • The biggest function of Our pdlc film is privacy protection,
  • which can control the glass between transparent
  • and opaque.It can protect your privacy by our smart film

Projection Screem:

  • Our Pdlc film can be used as a good projection screen,
  • in appropriate light environment, if choose high lumen projector,
  • the image of projection effect is very clear(suggest use rear projection mode).

Safety Protection:

  • Our pdlc film thickness is about 0.36mm. When installed on your glass window.
  • It can adhensive your window closely,
  • When the window are broken,
  • The film can avoid the window glass
  • flying around and hurt others,

Environmental Protection:

  • Our PDLC film attached on the surface of glass,
  • Which can resist heat over 98% UV and over 95% infrared ray.
  • In order to reduce thermal radiation,
  • it requires shielding partial infrared ray.
  • While if shielding UV can protect indoor furnishings not fade,
  • aging and so on, and protect people against
  • the disease by ultraviolet radiation.

Electric Curtain

  • Environmental and energy-saving for green building material.
  • It uses transparent or haze temperature control film,
  • makes the smart film a haze state when
  • the indoor temperature is high, when the light reduces,
  • the smart film is in a translucent state;
  • when the light is weak, the smart film is in a transparent state.


Product specifications:

  • Heat Insulation Rate: 80%-100%
  • Ultraviolet Blocking Rate: 80%-100%
  • Transmittance: 80%-100%
  • Position: Side Windshield
  • Item Length: 29.7cm
  • External Testing Certification: ce
  • Model Name: Smart Film
  • Window Foils Type: Window Foils
  • Item Width: 21cm
  • Special Features: Magic effect from opaque to transparent
  • Material Type: PDLC
  • Color Name: Milky White
  • Item Type: Window Foils & Solar Protection
  • color: milk white
  • type: self-adhesive
  • working voltage: 60VAC
  • Input: 220v/110v input
  • application: privacy protect/office partition/hotel/car/bank
  • Size: customized size

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