Simple Toothbrush Organizer

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  • Is your electric toothbrush still confused? Moldy and rusty,
  • easy to fall and fall, messy?
  • Electric toothbrush holder gives electric toothbrush a spacious
  • and comfortable home, spacious and comfortable, neat and beautiful, universal size
  • Universal toothbrush holder with different handles, spacious
  • and comfortable, neat and beautiful, universal size
  • The small handle is also universal (applicable range 1.8CM-3.3Cм)
  • Suitable for 99% electric toothbrushes
  • The protruding bezel is more accurate and easy to put in
  • 35mm diameter large space without effort, no scratches
  • Ladder three layers to meet different size handles
  • Three layers of different inner diameter have non-slip steps,
  • toothbrushes are not slippery
  • Drain holes to prevent mold and rust from standing water
  • 35/30 / 25mm ID, toothbrushes of different sizes can be used at home
  • The bracket designed for electric toothbrushes is convenient to store,
  • attached to the wall, no water stains left, easy to clean
  • Safety and environmental protection: crystal clear glue, strong adhesive,
  • high load bearing, wall adhesive without residue,
  • not easy to fall, the body is made of food-grade ABS material
  • Wall-mounted storage, ready-to-use:
  • Bottom support design, embracing the curve of the fuselage,
  • ventilation hanging without stains,
  • effectively preventing bacteria from breeding and moldy
  • Convenient cleaning: removable combination design,
  • after long-term use, the base can be removed for cleaning
  • Avoid trivial problems such as removing
  • and reinstalling when cleaning is needed
  • Rounded corners: The corners are smooth
  • and polished without rough burrs,
  • the paste area is large, and the sticky wall is firm and stab


  • Material: PP+TPE
  • Color: as shown
  • Size: 8 x 11 x 6 cm