Movable Support With Wheels For Garden Pots

Movable support with wheels for garden pots

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Movable Support With Wheels For Garden Pots Movable Heavy Duty Universal Wheel Potted Rack Garden Decoration Accessories For Indoor Outdoor Balcony Garden Home Decor

Product specifications:

  • Material: Resin
  • Type: Pot Trays
  • Model Number: Pot Trays
  • Set Type: NO
  • Finishing: Not Coated
  • flower pot: garden pots planters
  • tray: garden pots and planters
  • plateau: pots and planters
  • garden pots: balcony decorations
  • balcony: tray
  • balcony: flower stand
  • Size: Inner diameter 22cm, outer diameter 26cm, weight capacity 30kg
  • Size: Inner diameter 26cm, outer diameter 30cm, weight capacity 40kg
  • Size: Inner diameter 30cm, outer diameter 33cm, weight capacity 50kg
  • Size: Inner diameter 33cm, outer diameter 37cm, weight capacity 60kg
  • Size: Inner diameter 35cm, outer diameter 40cm, weight capacity 70kg
  • Features:
    • Multi Purpose: This floor plant saucer with wheels
    • can be widely used indoor and outdoor
    • for moving garden pots, heavy plants,
    • large potted trees, large vases, barrels,
    • or heavy trash cans and can protect
    • your floor from being worn out.
    • Universal Wheels: Pallet with 360 degree
    • universal wheels enables you to move
    • your large flowers pots around in any direction.
    • After receiving the product,
    • please install the wheels on plant
    • caddy use the spanner
    • Strong Load Bearing: The Resin-Plastic flower pot caddies
    • with different size optional. The 35 cm inner
    • diameter tray can hold up to 70 kg planters,
    • enables easy movement for potted plants and heavy
    • items that are frequently moved.
    • High safety: this flowerpot tray with an outer
    • edge prevents the flowerpot from slipping
    • out of the tray, avoiding the danger
    • of falling flowerpots Clean and sanitary:
    • The grooves at the bottom of the flowerpot
    • tray can store the water flowing from
    • the bottom of the flowerpot,
    • making the floor clean and neat. 

Package includes:

  • 1PCs * Flower Pot Tray With Universal Wheel

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