Gevilan mini cosmetic refrigerator

Gevilan Cosmetic Refrigerator

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About the Item:

Cold and warm beauty refrigerator. Luxury refrigerator for preservation of skin products. Mini cosmetic portable refrigerator. Beauty refrigerator. Gevilan mini cosmetic refrigerator. 

Product specifications:

  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Brand name: GEVILAN
  • Name: Beauty refrigerator
  • Input voltage:
    • 220V/50HZ
  • Product Category:
    • Health & Beauty >
      • Personal Care >
        • Cosmetics >
          • Cosmetic Tools >
            • Cosmetic Refrigerator
  • Color:
    • Cherry powder
    • Turquoise green
  • Freezing capacity:
    • Up to 246oz/24h.
  • Box door structure:
    • Single gate
  • Net weight:
    • 70,54 ounces
  • Total volume:
    • 0,264 gallons
  • Refrigeration control system:
    • Digital
  • Power cord length: 
    • 39,3701 inches
  • Intelligent type:
    • Intelligence is not supported.
  • Power consumption:
    • 0.4Kwh/24h
  • Display mode:
    • LED
  • Features:
    • Integral frequency conversion
    • air cooling circle:
    • Reasonable internal structure
    • with variable frequency
    • air cooling circle.
    • Frequent opening
    • and closing events
    • can quickly restore
    • the temperature to 10ºC.
    • Magnetic Primer Shelf Door.
    • Sealed, Locked, Cool with Confidence.
    • Built-in Electroluminescence: Open the door,
    • and it will be bright to the naked eye.
    • Deepening the mask drawer
    • happiness is available.
    • 5 main storage partitions: a reasonable partition
    • with a small body can also be installed.
    • We have our accommodation
    • there for different products.
    • Rotating mask heating chamber.
    • The eye mask is easy to take and clean.
    • Handle for easy lifting
    • and walking, anti-slip

About the brand:

GEVILAN, a professional personal care brand that focuses on the development of skin and oral care instruments, providing effective, safe and beautiful skin and oral care instruments to the world's beauty lovers. The products have been popular in more than 10 countries on 3 continents. Brand positioning: Global Life Care Appliance continues to lead the brand. Brand core values: freedom, self-love, self-confidence.

GEVILAN is one of the world's leading beauty and personal care brands from Delaware, USA. GEVILAN provides effective, safe and beautiful skin and oral care equipment for people around the world. GEVILAN can be found in all the high-end department stores in the United States.

The development of GEVILAN is spread across more than 10 countries on 3 continents. By carefully selecting local partners, we will build a sound supply chain and sales network to ensure that all countries and regions enjoy the globally consistent quality products and services provided by GEVILAN.

In 2016, GEVILAN entered China. Strategic cooperation with Silk'n, the world's first FDA-certified Israeli professional beauty brand, to integrate GEVILAN's leading edge in regenerative medicine and sonic technology, as well as Silk's exclusive HPL (home light removal) Core technologies such as technology) and HT (Home Firming Technology), develop a series of RF beauty instruments and hair removal products that are more suitable for Asian women's skin characteristics, and launch the market with GEVILAN|Silk'n dual brand logo, so that Chinese women can enjoy dual technology. Advantage, double peace of mind.