Fruit shaped storage boxes

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Type: Food Storage Containers

1pcs PP Vegetable Saving Containers Avocado Onion Tomatoes Sealing Storage Boxes Lemon Fruit Preserving Plastic Bowl. food storage containers


Material: PP

Garlic Box

Size: 105x105x100mm

Weight: 67g

Capacity: 350ml

Tomato Box:

Size: 100x100x90mm

Weight: 64g

Capacity: 450ml

Lemon Box:

Size: 85x85x105mm

Weight: 71g

Capacity: 350ml

Green Pepper Box:

Size: 95x95x115mm

Weight: 64g

Capacity: 550ml

Onion Box:

Size: 110x110x120mm

Weight: 63g

Capacity: 500ml

Color: As Show

Category: Food Storage Containers


Vegetable and fruit seal preservation box.

Good looking vegetables? shape container:

Lemon, tomato, garlic, onion, green pepper.

Safe and odourless.

Eco-friendly pp material.

Kitchen space saver tools.