Cleaning brush for kitchen sink

Cleaning brush

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About the Item:

Cleaning brush for kitchen sink, use for scrubbing pots, pans, cutlery, kitchen utensils, kitchen brush with liquid soap refill handle. Cleaning tools

Product specifications:

  • Style: Hand
  • Usage: Household Cleaning
  • Features:
    • Stocked
    • With a light-weight and compact style,
    • the improvement brush is simple
    • to hold around to be used most of the time.
    • What the improvement brush
    • can give you is that it will simply
    • take away oil stains on room utensils,
    • thus you'll be able to keep your room clean
    • and tidy due to the 3 varieties of brushes
    • and therefore the sturdy stain-free style.
    • Made of stainless-steel and ABS material,
    • it are often used for a protracted time.
    • The length of the handle is twenty nine.
    • 5 cm and therefore the length of
    • the comb head is eight cm.
    • It is appropriate for improvement
    • cooking utensil within the room.